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With a focus on improving local air quality a new ultra-clean, gas powered hybrid generator technology has been launched through a collaboration of three UK technology companies.

The gas engine technology called CAGE is being developed by innovation company OakTec Power. The technology partners have created an efficient hybrid energy system within the bespoke Advante Oasis Welfare unit that utilises battery energy storage with solar PV arrays to boost charging. The gas generator is manufactured by Sutton Power Engineering.

The system is being developed to use clean gas and biogas fuels as a replacement for the diesel machines that dominate the construction sector with the aim of delivering breakthrough reductions of exhaust gas emissions and over time moving to a full carbon neutral capability.  

Supported by SBRI (the UK Government Small Business Research Initiative), this is a pre-commercial procurement process that enables the public sector to work with innovators to tap into new ideas and technologies to solve the tough challenges facing all levels of government.

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